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National Green Museum® Exhibition

The National Green Museum Exhibition®, Green Megatrends® and National Environmental Hall of Fame® are activities of the National Sustainability Association®.

The National Sustainability Association®. is a non-profit 501(C)3 educational organization and donations are welcome.

We are continually trying to improve our benefits. We welcome your suggestions.

The most important benefit of being a Green Megatrends Representative and participating in your local Green Museum Exhibition is to help your community “Go Green” with the 12 Green Megatrends® and their respective National Sustainability Monthly Holidays.

Please see endorsements from top environmentalists.

Our program offers the highest value for the lowest cost we are aware of to help promote your green initiatives.

The annual cost of the Exhibition is $123. Receive $1,200 of benefits (for a whole year). Since exhibition displays are very expensive, we are hoping you could help us by referring others and emailing us what inspired you to start the program

The primary benefits for becoming a Green Megatrends Representative are as follows:

  1. Being a Green Megatrends® representative for your business category is a powerful way to help build your brand
  2. You will receive an exclusive for your category in your community.
  3. Be part of a local exhibition that travels in your community for a whole year
  4. The Exhibition will allow you to receive 12 months of publicity.
  5. Receive your logo (over 1 foot long) on your community’s environmental quilt.
  6. Receive info in an exhibit that accompanies the quilt.
  7. Participate in the high profile inauguration and launch and of the exhibition.
  8. You can host the exhibition (at the location of your choice).
  9. Receive local and national publicity as part of the World’s Largest Environmental Quilt.
  10. You can qualify for green certification.
  11. Ask us how you can receive the program at no net cost.
  12. Receive a powerful 12 month platform in your community to promote the Green Megatrend and green initiatives associated with your organization. We are open to suggestions on how you could benefit from this platform.

For example, you can have an event when you are the host for the exhibition and send out a press release about your green initiatives.

Environmental Hall of Fame
Each year, every community will be eligible to receive a local Environmental Hall of Fame Award for its top sustainability initiative.

Individuals and businesses can also give a Hope Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award) to a deserving student, school or teacher.

There is no charge for these awards. Neither is there any cost involved to present these awards.

The purpose of the award, as well as the Green Megatrends Program, is to acknowledge best practices in each community in order that they can be shared with and adopted by other communities.

You can nominate your community’s top sustainability initiative via email at . Please include links if they are available.

World’s Largest Environmental Quilt
The purpose of the World’s Largest Environmental Quilt is to help bring attention to the top sustainability initiatives (12 Green Megatrends) that can help each community “go green”.

You can advocate for your business’ and city’s green initiatives by participating in your community’s section of the World’s Largest Environmental and Calendar Quilt.

The 66 foot long quilt was recently displayed at the American Quilt Show (AQS show) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Community quilts, which include your business logo (over one foot long), will be joined with the World’s Largest Environmental Quilt about once a year.