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Local Green Exhibition

Since 2008 the National Environmental Hall of Fame® has honored top environmentalists, including Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Art Linkletter and Ed Begley, Jr.

The Environmental Hall of Fame® has also presented local awards to over 30 Cities and Mayors for their environmental accomplishments.

During Earth Week (April 16 to 22, 2012) local green exhibitions were created and Environmental Hall of Fame® awards were presented to the cities of Aurora, Naperville, Geneva, Evanston and Highland Park for their green initiatives. Awards were accepted by the mayors of each of these cities.

Please see photos here.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago also received awards.

The Environmental Hall of Fame® is creating local Green Exhibitions. The Green Exhibition consists of a quilt featuring your local community’s top sustainability initiatives. See sample local community poster here. (The poster is made into the quilt.)

Quilts were chosen for their three-fold sustainability features: as art, vehicle for information and use as a bed spread.

We would like to encourage green businesses (and all businesses and well wishers) to participate.

  • We are looking for at least 10 participants to be included in the exhibition (over $1,200 in value)
  • If you are interested, attach a high resolution JPEG of your logo and email to You can make your donation here.
  • The cost is $123. However if you provide a referral of a business or organization who participates in our program within one week, the cost is just $97.

Summary of Benefits
In addition to participating in all three sections of the exhibition, you will receive all 12 benefits below:

  1. Being a Green Megatrends® representative to help build your brand
  2. The exhibition travels in your local area for a whole year
  3. Receive 12 months of publicity
  4. Receive your logo on a banner that accompanies the exhibition quilt
  5. Receive local and national publicity as part of the World’s Largest Environmental & Calendar Quilt
  6. Present the quilt to your city
  7. Participate in the inauguration of the exhibition
  8. Elect to host the exhibition (at the location of your choice)
  9. Receive a certificate to display at your business as Green Megatrends® Representative in your city
  10. Learn how to receive the program at no net cost
  11. Receive a powerful platform to share your green initiatives with your community.
  12. We believe we are offering the greatest value for the lowest cost of any green program we are aware of

It’s more than you’d expect it to be!

“This is the most well thought out green program I am aware of!” –Shel Horowitz, Co-author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Please contact Allen and Catherine at 641-451-5199 or

National Environmental Hall of Fame®, National Green Museum® and Green Megatrends® are activities of National Sustainability Association®, a 501c3 non-profit educational organization.