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World’s Largest Environmental
& Calendar Quilt

AQS Quilt Show

Des Moines, Iowa
September 28 to October 1, 2011

Green Megatrends Exhibit
Become part of the World’s Largest Environmental & Calendar Quilt!

In about a year, the Green Megatrend quilts from each community will be joined together with the World’s Largest Environmental & Calendar Quilt below. You can add your logo to your community’s quilt.

You can also add your logo and business information to one of 24 framed exhibits. The quilt will travel for a full year in your community along with the 24 framed exhibits.

The Green Megatrends Exhibit of the National Green Museum® Exhibition is now a beautiful quilt as shown in the left sidebar (and also below). Please click on photos to enlarge.

Invitation to Be Part of the World’s Largest Environmental & Calendar Quilt
Please contact us at 641-451-5199 if you would like to help create or sponsor a quilt with photos from your community or a larger city nearby (see left sidebar). Custom photo fabric will be provided by Fabric on Demand. You can help present the quilt to your mayor or city council member. The quilt will then go on display at your community’s National Green Museum® Exhibition (and can travel in your community).

Within a year, before or after you sell the quilt, it can be joined with the World’s Largest Calendar Quilt at a national landmark such as the National Mall. Half the proceeds will support your community’s National Green Museum® Exhibition. Your business will receive thousands of dollars of publicity.

You will also receive your community’s HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award) and receive the National Green Museum® Exhibition for one month. Quilters will be inducted into their community’s Environmental Hall of Fame®.

Click on Photos to Enlarge

The Honorable T. M. Franklin Cownie, Mayor, Des Moines, Iowa, Environmental Hall of Fame Honoree

L-R: Catherine Corbin; Bonnie K. Browning, AQS Executive Show Director; Allen Rubin; Mayor Cownie

Carol Butzke, AQS certified appraiser, gathers information to appraise the National Sustainability Monthly Holidays quilt.

One of our consultants, Jeanie Belgarde of CR Quilts,
standing by her birth month.

Bonnie Browning and Mayor Cownie
by March quilt for his birth month

Bonnie Browning and Mayor Cownie by July quilt for Energy Independence and patriotic theme.

April quiltmaker Jeanette Ferin of Quilted Pictures with Bonnie Browning, Carol Butzke and Mayor Cownie

June quiltmaker Grace Schumann of
Stitch N Sew Cottage with Mayor Cownie

October quiltmaker Mimi Clayton's uncle,
Olin Clayton, and Allen Rubin

Representatives from Hobbs Bonded Fibers, a sponsor, providers of sustainable organic cotton batting.

Mayor Franklin Cownie inaugurated the World's Largest Calendar Quilt for its nationwide tour.

World's Largest Calendar Quilt

Quilters Flyer

First prize quilt quilted by Kris Vierra of Kris' Custom Quilting who made the December quilt.